Sleep and circadian rhythms

Good quality sleep is absolutely essential to good health and good mental health in particular. The right quantity of sleep is important as well, but this is something that can vary between different people depending on factors like age, mental stress, how much one exercises and how healthy one is.

Good quality sleep also seems to be one of the first things to go when one goes through a patch of bad anxiety or are having panic reactions. The increased levels of adrenaline prime one up for flight or fight, which makes it difficult to get into the nurturing state of sleep. We can all relate to that restless state the night before a exam, job interview or big life change. Continue reading


The spiritual side to mood disorders

I haven’t spoken much about the spiritual side of anxiety, depression and panic attacks thus far. I tend put a lot of focus on nutrition as I believe it’s a good foundation for everyone to work on and it’s also relatively easy to implement. That said, the spiritual side of these mood problems are also very important to address. Continue reading