Coconut oil part 2

Another day without coconut oil in the Andreas house hold… Sad, sad day.

Oh well, next week I shall do another bulk order! *big smile*

Today I’ll be discussing how to incorporate coconut oil into your nutrition plan. First things first, it’s time for a kitchen spring clean. Go through your kitchen cupboards, locate all the high in omega 6 seed oils you can find … I’m talking about the sunflower, canola, corn, soy bean, peanut, sesame seed oils. You got them all? Good!

Next step. Get rid of all those nasty seed oils in any way you can! Throw them in the bin! Make haste, there’s no time to waste. Recycle the glass jars if you can, but that’s not the issue here. Just make sure you throw all those nasty oils away. They have no place in the human diet.

I’ll be doing some in depth blogs about the harmful effects of high omega oils in the diet in the not too distant future. The dangers of high omega 6 fats are starting to become universally accepted amongst most circles in nutrition. This is a rare phenomenon in the world of health where different “diet camps” can’t seem to agree on what’s healthy and what’s not. This is defnitely one time where I would suggest following the trend. If you want to read more for now then read the second section of this post on Chris Kresser’s great website.

As a side note, I’ll never forget one time I went shopping with my girlfriend. The sneaky girl managed to slip a 5l container of sunflower oil into our shopping cart without me noticing. When I was unpacking the groceries at the till, my eyes fell upon this monstrosity disguising itself as food. She nearly had a fit from laughing when she saw the look on my face.

After you’ve rid yourself of all the omega 6 oils in your household it’s time to buy a nice big container of refined coconut oil. Coconut oil doesn’t go rancid, so it’s safe to buy in bulk. It’s super high saturated fat content makes it very stable and protects it against light and heat, and most importantly, helps rid your body of years of excess polyunsaturated accumulation in your fat cells over a period of time. For those of you scared by the words saturated fat, fear not! Coconut oil will help your heart and your cholesterol ratio’s.

For those of you living in South Africa, I’m currently using the brand called Quinn’s Pure Organic Coconut Oil. You can get it at most health shops. For those of you in the states and elsewhere in the world, I here very good things about the Tropical Traditions expeller pressed coconut oil. The taste and odor of refined coconut oil are very neutral. I don’t have anything against the coconut taste of unrefined oil once in a while but as Matt Stone says, that pure coconut taste starts becoming very overwhelming and nauseating after a while, especially if you want to use a lot of it.

From now on, whenever you need to use oil for cooking, use your refined coconut oil. You’ll be hooked right away. Fry your steaks in it, saute your veggies in it, use it for your stir frys, rub your roasts with it. If you need oil and you need to cook said oil, refined coconut oil is the answer.

If for some reason you become bored of coconut oil (which you won’t) then you can use butter or animal fat to do your cooking. Olive oil is a healthy fat, but it should be added to food after the food has been cooked. The same can be said for the yummy and healthy macadamia oil.

I’m still overcoming my dairy intolerance and use coconut oil as a replacement for butter for things like mashed potatoes. It’s really very, very delicious used this way. Everyone that’s tried my potato, lemon juice and coconut oil mixture, served with some protein like chicken breasts, always comment on the pure deliciousness.

You can also pour some coconut oil over a serving of steamed carrots, zucchini and green beans or other mixed vegetables. Mmm, get’s my mouth salivating just thinking about it.

One way I used to get extra coconut oil calories in was by putting some liquid coconut oil in water and quickly downing the whole glass. This may be important for people trying a ketogenic diet, to get the required calories in. This worked pretty well for me earlier in the year but has given me a bit of an upset stomach the last time I tried it in October.

Here’s another delicious way to get your coconut oil in. I’ve tried this one before and I can vouch for it’s goodness.

All the best to you with your new best friend, coconut oil.


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